Friday, August 08, 2008


Today was hard for me! I had decided awhile back that I would redo a room for Tez but not until the custody crap was completely over in case at some point she changed her mind and made everything harder. I didn't want to redo an entire room until he was ours for good! He has been sleeping in Elijah's room and that just needs to end. They are just too far apart in age and although they are good together they are on different levels. Isaiah kept his room. I absolutely LOVE Isaiah's room. Actually I just LOVE his crib! Thanks Lisa! Isaiah has a red crib.......I know you are saying WHAT but yes it is a country red and he has a western room. It is too cute for words!! I realize Isaiah is 3 now and he needs to move out of the crib but really I would have moved him out of it a LONG time ago but he likes his bed. He has only crawled out twice and I kind of like him in it in the morning!! It keeps him out of a little trouble! My friend Shan keeps giving me a hard time about my three year old in a crib but my response is well it isn't my fault he hasn't figured out how to keep getting out. Elijah only lasted 18 months before he would NOT stay in the crib so he got a cool car toddler bed but hey if Isaiah will stay in it then why not!!?? Since the custody stuff ended Monday my sister has been trying to convince me to do his room before school starts which meant this weekend. I decided she was right and I tried to arrange for Tez to go to his mom's house for the weekend so it could be a surprise but alas that didn't pan out for me. This morning I woke up and started packing up everything in Isaiah's room. It was really sad for me! What do I do with it all? I HAD TO KEEP THE CRIB that my wonderful sister painted for me all because I saw a red crib in a picture that I fell in love with! Why do I need to keep it? I just told you I love it and I am having a hard time letting go of the fact that he is my last baby.........sob..sob... boo hoo......! I don't know who to give it to that I KNOW will take care of it and who knows maybe I will just keep it forever and use it for my grand babies. I am just sooooo sad mainly for me but I am still just sad! I got everything cleared out and prepared so tomorrow I can start painting. Major pain in the butt I must say! I had to move all of Zay's clothes into Elijah's room which meant I had to rearrange Elijah's drawers to make everything fit since Isaiah has more drawer stuff than Tez did. I had to move Tez's stuff into Zay's old room. Isaiah came in his room at one point and said sternly, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" I tried to explain it on his level however he still looked puzzled but moved on! My day was filled with Goodwill bags, drawer cleaning, toy box cleaning, closet cleaning, vacuuming baseboards, moving furniture, putting stuff into storage.........the list could go on and on. Then this evening I had to go ALL over town looking for a comforter and room accessories for a 14 yr old boy who has never had his own room. This is my weekend challenge! Wish me luck!

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