Friday, August 08, 2008


Tez came home from Youth Quake late Friday night and then went to his mom's Saturday. I notice Saturday while sorting through all the camping gear and washing every thing that he is missing: his pillow, five pair of jean shorts and four shirts! Nice considering school is about to start and I will have to buy even more clothes now!!

I call Tez to see if he knew where the clothes were and his reply was, "I stuck everything I wore in the dirty clothes bag!"

I reply, "the only thing in the dirty clothes bag was your swim trunks and a couple of pairs of socks - and I know you wore more than that so I just went ahead and washed every thing and about half of the clothes are missing!"

"I put every thing in there!" he snaps back.

"NO obviously you didn't b/c I am not blind. They are NOT IN THERE! I suppose you are also going to try and tell me you used the still sealed liquid body wash I sent with you too! I shouldn't have to remind you to use SOAP in the shower!!"

His response..............silence!

So I call Karen to see if there were any items at the church and explained what he had left.

Days later I find out I will need to go into the church garage to sort through the items to get what he left. Fine with me! I go to the church to get the clothes and the garage which was supposed to be unlocked...was NOT! I have Karen call the church so they will open the garage and oh dear Lord was it HOT in there! Note to self: don't enter an unknown dark garage during the hottest part of the day in Oklahoma's 100 streak!! I thought at one point I might have locked myself in but alas I got the door to open. My findings: one pillow, one pair of shorts and two shirts that I didn't even realize were missing. Still on the missing list: four pair of jeans shorts and four shirts! Nice! I don't think he realizes the clothes he wears COST MONEY or maybe he just doesn't care! Guess who is going shopping again! Later on he tried to say maybe someone took them! OK here is my left them and didn't keep track of YOUR clothes and if they were in the dirty clothes bag I seriously doubt someone is going steal them or go through your DIRTY clothes bag in the back of a hot, locked trailer on the way home especially from the kid that didn't use soap! Just say you forgot them and get over it! The only other believable scenario is that someone else picked them up, took them home by accident and their mother didn't realize it while doing laundry so they are just wearing them. I noticed that he had 3 shirts that were not his and a pair of shorts but I am a laundry freak unlike some so I notice anything new HOWEVER I washed the clothes and then returned them! Guess who is going to have their name in every item of clothing at the next camp!!

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