Friday, August 22, 2008


Today is Quinlynne's 3rd Birthday!!! Quinlynne is my friend Shandolynne daughter and Isaiah's betrothed. He calls her his "dirlfriend"! He cried when I had to go home first throwing a full blown fit. When asked what was wrong, his tearful answer was "I just wanna go to my dirlfriend's birday pawty!" How sweet! Anyway we went to the party at Pizza Hut and fun was had by all! I must add Elijah's appetite has changed tremendously since starting football - he ate either 6 or 7 pieces of pizza. He NEVER eats more than two but normally he just eats one!! Uncle Charlie took the cake though with his bottomless stomach! It seems like he ate two pizzas all his own - every time I turned around he had another plateful. How he stays skinny as a rail I don't know but I sure wish he's share his secret!!! I gain weight just looking at food! I must admit I probably went a little overboard buying Q a present(s) since I never get to shop for girls but hey I DON'T CARE AND LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!! She is a deserving and appreciative little girl so who cares, right!

Goofy kids!

Look at those cheeks!

Happy girl!

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