Friday, August 15, 2008


This afternoon my husband left me alone overnight for the first time in 8 years. Seriously we haven't been apart one night. Weird I know but true! I haven't slept by myself other than a nap in FOREVER this could be awkward and sleepless. You know what is not good for an insomniac........mess up any resemblance of a routine! Bad news! Oh yeah....he went to Promise Keepers in Dallas with my brother and a few men from his church. This is the first year Martez has been able to make it and he is excited. Well he was excited until I told him it was a bunch of hugging, holding hands, crying and singing kumbayah (sp)! I was just kidding but his reaction was funny! I WAS excited b/c I had plans for a LATE night crop with my sister-in-law and nieces BUT my mom is out of town so I don't have a sitter. I need to find a good sitter somewhere! Guess we'll see how the night goes................until next time America..............OH YEAH this also means that I have to get up early, get Elijah's football gear on and have him to the fields by 7:15am ALONE.........hope someone can show me how to fix his shoulder pad deal that I can't seem to get in......I think I am going to let Zay sleep in and leave him home with Tez.........ugh this stinks!!

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