Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Today is my sweet hubby's bday! He is soooo old! Way way way older than me! OR so I tell the boys...in actuality we are only 3mos and 2 days apart but THEY don't realize that~!! It's hard to believe we've been together for almost 8 yrs. Wow how time flies when you are having fun!! I didn't make a cake this year - last year I made a cake with some bad oil and besides stinking up the entire house for days, it tasted AWFUL!

We opened presents before he had to leave for football practice with Elijah. He always gets plenty of presents and I LOVE buying for him. He didn't really get presents growing up.....another long and angry story from me.....so he is like a kid in a candy store! His family never really celebrated birthdays so I try to make it special for him and I know he appreciates it! I just love this man! He is a great father, fun daddy, genuinely caring and nice person, my best friend and love of my life! I get tearing just thinking about how BOTH of our lives have changed since meeting each other and I thank God I found someone who will not only put up with me but make me smile everyday! His smile is very contagious and always big! I am not saying he is smilefest '08 24/7 and I am not going to say our life is a bed of roses 24/7 but we are happy and we balance each other out!! And I just love this man!

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