Friday, August 15, 2008


I picked Elijah up from school today and begin to ask him about his day at school.

Excitedly he says, "I had a gumball day at school today!"

"Wow," I reply, "what is a gumball day?"

"I even had to go to the Principal's office," he says with enthusiasm.

"WHY?" Naturally assuming it was for something he had done. Thoughts running through my head were I know I have issues with him sometimes at home but in public and at school he is very well behaved, what happened?!?!?!

"Well the teacher wrote me a note and told me to take it to the Principal's office. So I did and the Principal gave me a penny and I got to get a gumball out of the gumball machine. My teacher said she liked that I was listening, I was quiet when I supposed to be, helpful and nice towards others and working well while at my desk. So I had a gumball day! Here, you want the gumball?"

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