Thursday, August 07, 2008


Elijah doesn't quite understand why I don't want to go watch him at football practice. For one it is too hot for me to sit for about two hours just to watch them practice football when I don't even understand football in the first place. Secondly he has practice three nights per week and Martez is the asst coach so I see no need for both of us to be there when I have PLENTY of things to be doing at home. Elijah doesn't seem to care about my reasoning. He justs wants me to see how good he is doing so I gave in this evening because it was cooler than it has been in a long while and I brought Isaiah's little neighbor friend Jordan to keep him occupied. Away we went and here are the pics of the oh so exciting football practice of Mighty Mights 1st grade BA Gold:

He is really upset that he doesn't get to play football with the other boys!!

Garrett, James and Elijah

My boys

I can't believe my baby is playing TACKLE football!

They weren't kidding when they told me they grow up fast b/c it sures feels like I just had this little boy!!

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