Monday, August 18, 2008


I wake up this morning and start the usual routine: wake up and use the restroom, wake Tez up, go to get a drink.....................WAIT...............this is where things were not normal. I smelled poop and instantly looked EVERYWHERE for a little gift from Samson which I thought was odd but every now and then Martez forgets to let him out when he leaves so he will leave a present by the back door! Yuck I know! I thought after searching and searching that the dogs must just have some nasty gas and started making the kids lunches and started some laundry. I then go to get ready and each time I have to come out of the room I smell crap, literally! Again I search but nothing! I resumed thoughts of bad gas and continued with the morning routine. I go in to wake Elijah and Zay up and as soon as I open the door the most powerful smell of DEATH slaps me in the face. Oh my goodness I thought I was going to pass out and then began to gag! Then for some EXTREMELY STUPID reason I go to look in the back of Zay's pj's and stick my fingers all in poop. Somehow this kid pooped in his sleep then managed to continue to sleep with the crap in his pants with Elijah snoozing right by him! HOW IN THE WORLD THE STENCH DID NOT WAKE THESE KIDS IS BEYOND ME!!!! I wake up Zay to realize not only did he poop in his sleep and marinate in oozed out onto his pjs, the sheets and the comforter. The entire room just reeked!!! Zay then has the nerve to wake up and say, "oooo Mommy you nassy fawted! Dats ditusting!" My reply, "No you are nasty and disgusting. (gag) I didn't fart you pooped in your sleep then somehow slept in it!(gag)" He looked at me in disbelief until he saw all the poop and then started to say, "I so sawry Yiya! I just so sawry Yiya!" He can't say Elijah so he has always called him Yiya! I took Zay's clothes off, wiped him down, ripped the sheets off the bed, sprayed a bottle of deodorizer and went to put the sheets in the washer. I then realized I had to quickly give Zay a bath because the wipe down and lotion did absolutely no good....this kid had been marinating for awhile and he stunk to high heaven. I bathed him, sprayed more deodorizer and went about my day. I must say when I came home this evening their bedroom STILL reeked!

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