Sunday, August 10, 2008


I AM FINALLY DONE! I feel like I was on Trading Spaces - two days, one designer (myself) and $1000 (I spent nothing even remotely close to that!)! I think I did rather well considering the last minute planning. You can't really tell in the pictures but the walls are gray. The room is black, white and gray with touches of blue. I was able to use an old TV & TV stand (the TV is much larger than I had planned for his room but I already had it so I used it) and Isaiah's old dresser. My mom made curtains out of the sheets (they aren't hemmed yet so I don't have a pic). I found a new cherry twin bed on clearance with rails and slats for $46..........YES you read that right!! I actually bought two for when we get a bigger house who can pass up a deal like that. I bought two new nice beds for $92 and the original price of just one was $389 + the cost of rails and slats!! Either I am bargain shopper extraordinaire or I am really lucky!! Really my only cost in the room was the comforter set, the bed, the nightstand and lamp. I already had the Dallas Cowboys pictures and I made the T-E-Z canvases. I am pretty proud of myself mainly because I did it so fast and now Tez finally has his own room!!

You can't tell but the really bright stripe is actually gray. I took a billion pics of it and it appeared on everyone. Oh well!

I forgot to buy him lightbulbs. I got him a loud alarm clock so hopefully he will start getting up on his own.

I think he likes it!

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