Saturday, August 02, 2008


Tax free shopping for me today with Shan and Quin!! Even better than the tax free was getting to shop for a little girl and play dress up with her. If you know me then you know I really want a little girl BUT if you REALLY know me then you know I would be bankrupt if I had a little girl!! There is so much more out there to buy for little girls and I rather enjoy dressing my boys so dressing a girl would just send me over the edge! I had so much fun with them....holding up little dresses and trying on many pairs of shoes including the red glittery shoes that I just couldn't resist not only because they are cute BUT also b/c it will be a small torture when Q wants to wear them all the time even when they don't match!! Yes a have a tiny streak of evil! I only have two friends that have girls and I love to shop for them and with them! Thanks girls!

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