Saturday, August 16, 2008


Second scrimmage this morning supposedly from 8am - 10am however we did not leave there until about 11:30am! Martez called about 10 times to check up on his boy and the team. He felt bad since he is the assistant coach and he had to go out of town. I think it bothered him more than Elijah or his team but oh well! He kept saying, "What are they doing now?" Not a question for a football inept answer, "I don't know dear they are just playing football aren't you supposed to be listening to a speaker right now or singing kumbayah!" I had Elijah there on time AND in uniform well except for a part of the shoulder pads that I could not figure out!! They did really good! Wagoner got three touchdowns on them but in their defense more than half of their players are a year older. A year can be a big size difference in kids!! This is the first year BA has split 1st and 2nd graders up. Elijah's team is first graders and two kindergartners so they could be at a disadvantage when they are against a team who doesn't split until 3rd grade. Not sure how I feel about that but Wagoner and Claremore had some BIG 'ol farm raised corn fed boys! I swear the one Claremore kid was over half the size of his coach. Their smallest player is a runner and ended up being the youngest son of a girl I grew up with - small world I tell you! Hopefully they will do good not only b/c of their tearful sport loving fathers but so they aren't too discouraged and give up. The rest of morning went well! After Wagoner they played South Tulsa, Bixby and someone else...........I paid very close attention! I think they had a two more touchdowns scored on them but they scored so much I lost count. I tell you what I need to remember the name Carson Chambers, our quarterback, because he is going to be in the NFL one day. He is simply amazing for a six year old...seriously it is almost freaky and too good to be true! Well that is all for now....I had a sleepless night ALONE and an early morning of football so I am off to try and nap with Isaiah for a little bit............catcha are a few pics from this morning:

My baby is so handsome!

So serious while listening to the coach!

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