Sunday, July 08, 2007


Well Elijah lost his first tooth yesterday! Actually he didn't lose it, Martez pulled it. It was so funny! He realized it was loose on our trip to Iowa and refused to eat for awhile unless it was noodles. Eventually he got over that and it was really loose and Martez really wanted to pull it but he would barely let us touch it. Yesterday he decided or I should say "bargained" with daddy to let him pull it. If he let daddy pull it, then he had to take him to Toys 'r Us and buy him a toy and of course Martez was all for that. But when it came right down to it he was scared and I was watching grossed out. Loose teeth and pulling loose teeth totally disgusts me! Everytime Martez would get ready to pull it Elijah would shut his mouth and bargain or ask how bad it would hurt. Martez would pinch him a little and say this is how it will feel and that didn't hurt, right. They went back and forth like a hundred times and I still stood there with the camera gagging everytime I would even think about it. Eventually Martez said he was going to "shine" it aka dry it off since it was too slippery and just yanked it out! Elijah started to cry then saw the blood and went into a complete screaming frenzy! He hates blood! Martez said see that didn't hurt show me how it felt. Then Elijah proceeded to hit and pinch the crap out of his daddy to show him how it felt! Too funny! Now I bet Martez will never get to pull another one! I can't believe my baby boy is losing teeth and going to start kindergarten this fall!!! Time flies!! Well then it was time for the tooth fairy and I asked Martez for a dollar and he said I have a twenty! What kind of tooth fairy gives twenty dollar bills?!?!?!?!? Hello! Then he said well I have a ten so I went with it in hopes that Elijah would just see "one" dollar bill not realizing it was worth ten dollars!! It worked! That is until my entire family told him the truth about my plan and switching it with a one dollar bill!!! They did this because my mom and I made tooth pillows for the youngest grandbabies to match their rooms and I wrote "Nothing less than $10 accepted!" with a paint pen on each pillow. My nephew Nehemiah decided that he was "either getting jipped or the toothfairy can't read"! Isn't that hilarious!! Needless to say he got his toy and now he'll be lucky to get a quarter. I guess all the tricks I played on my nieces and nephews will come back to me "ten" fold!!

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