Sunday, July 15, 2007


So tonight after a long day out and about my baby boy passed out on my bed. He looked so sweet and innocent....which normally is untrue.....I decided to take pictures of him. I had always wanted that deal from Sears where they take photos then piece them out to individual parts of the body then frame them. I am unsure if that even made since. Ok they will have a frame with about 9 holes and in each hole there are "body parts"...nose, smile, eye, hand, etc. Isaiah HATES having his pictures professionally done and always has since he was about 6 months old. Literally everytime we would take him he would flip out and then all the pictures he was either crying or was redfaced from screaming so long. Now the second my mom or I get out the camera he is a complete ham so even though he is older than they normally are when they do those sets I decided to go at it on my black & white! I love these pictures!

The funny part is half way through I realized he had ketchup on his face and like all little boys no matter how hard you try to keep their nails clean it just always seems they attract dirt under their nails. So I stopped the photo shoot then cleaned and trimmed his nails! Sad but true and he slept right through it all!

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