Monday, August 06, 2007


I haven't been able to blog in soooooo long and I actually miss it! I know it probably sounds corny but I love to tell stories! We have been soooooo incredibly busy since we got back from the family reunion. It has been absolutely insane and hopefully it will calm down soon because I really need to do some major housework!!! We got back from Iowa and instantly started helping my mom and dad sort through their zillion belongings to prepare to empty their house to get their piers done for the fifth time! That Olshan commercial is a bunch of crap!!!!! Well we helped sort, had a garage sale, took ten days to move them out putting some stuff into a storage unit and the furniture returning to the house into the garage. While the pier work was being done we then helped his mom and four adopted children move from a 3 bdrm house into an apartment for about 5 days. THEN we had to help repair cracks in my parents house and paint after the cement was poured to fix the giant floor cracks, the carpet cleaned and then stretched. Then we helped them move the main furnishings back into the house and put some decorations back up to "stage" it so they can hopefully sell it however we had to hurry since my uncle, his girlfriend, my cousin and his girlfriend were coming from Illinois to stay for a week followed by my parents best friends from Iowa. In the midst of all the moving there was work, July 4th, SIX children birthday parties, decorating for one adult surprise bday party, Elijah lost his first tooth and had to get three shots to go to school, my car brokedown, the whole enrolling Elijah in school fiasco (it was an awful, stressful, complicated, anger inducing.........experience and all I have to say is it is a bunch of CRAP!!!), flag football evaluations and then Elijah got croup AGAIN! So now 5 weeks later I think it is all over and he starts school in one week followed the next week by football! Man do I need a vacation and a maid!

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