Tuesday, August 14, 2007


My baby started school today. I cannot believe he is old enough for school. It seems like I just had him! Today was his first day of kindergarten. I am in shock he is old enough but I didn't cry. I thought I would not because I don't think he is ready or I'll miss him but simple because he is starting a whole new adventurous chapter in life - school!! Maybe the crying is more for stay at home moms - tears of joy for more free time and tears of sadness for not knowing what to do without their child in tow! Me - I am used to not seeing him all day since I am at work all day. I think my mom is more upset than I am especially since Martez will get off earlier now and will be picking both the boys up from school. I have been very blessed to have my mom watch the boys when they got out of Wee Ministries at two everyday which I might mention is an amazing learning program for children and my boys have both been there forever! My mom is upset and insisting to pick them up a couple of days a week because Martez "must" have something to do! She said I need to wean her off slowly. My mom and the boys are obsessed with each other but I am sooooooo glad they have the relationship they do. She has kept Elijah since he was six months and had Isaiah since he was 6 weeks. They both went to Wee but she had them when they got out and all day on Monday so they are all addicted to one another. I told her no in hopes that she will keep them more often on the weekends so me and Martez can go out on dates since I wouldn't let her watch them on the weekends before because she had them all week!! Yippee maybe we will actually be able to go out more often!! I call Elijah's new school "big kid" school or kindergarten but he is jumping years ahead and calling it high school. I am more panicked about his teacher that seems to have no tact or personality or maybe that is just towards me or maybe just adults. Hopefully she isn't that way for the children or this could be a long year. The thing that scares me the most is letting him walk into the school then to class alone. Ahhhhh! How would I know he actually made it to the classroom? Would they call asking where he is? For this week I will be walking him to class for my own peace of mind then next week I will also be taking my friend's little girl every morning so maybe I won't be as anxious if they walk in together since they are both in kindergarten across the hall from each other. What are the odds of them losing each other and getting lost somewhere in the building? Hopefully small! Check out the new slideshow it is his first day of school pics with the outfit he picked out and he did a pretty fine job if I say so myself. I have taught him well. If I could only get Martez to match his clothes that well! lol Elijah even wanted to do a photo shoot with his own modeling poses. It was so funny! God I love this boy he is so handsome and he cracks me up!!!

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