Wednesday, April 13, 2011


You all know my parents closed their business in April 2009 and I was unemployed for a little over 7 months.  Finding a job was way harder than I had ever even imagined.  I could do HR, AP, AR, taxes, place order, post orders, enter new items, sales reporting, marketing and much more but no one cared.  I couldn't find a job anywhere.  I was told basically I had too much experience in too many areas aka they "thought" they couldn't afford me or I would quit too soon for a better opportunity.  I just needed a paycheck.  No one was willing to give me  a chance.  I finally got hired on at the Ophthalmology clinic/surgery center where my sister worked on November 17, 2009.  This would be a whole new world for me considering I had never worked in the medical field but I was willing to do anything by this time as long as it gave me a paycheck again!

I won't even lie when I started I absolutely hated it.  I always hated filing and would even pay my nieces and nephews to file for me.  Instead of laziness or just mere hatred of filing, I chose to call it "outsourcing".  Filing...ugh!  The first day at my new job I filed for 10 hours in heels.  I wanted to chop my feet off.  Hubs asked me what I did and I said, "I filed all day!"  He said, "Well you had to do something other than file."  I replied, "No, I filed all day long IN HIGH HEELS!"  Then I began to cry!  I hated it but that didn't matter I had to have a paycheck to feed the boys.  I was there everyday at 6:45am.  I no longer got to get the kids up and ready for their day and take them wherever they needed to be.  We all had a bit of adjusting to do for awhile and saying it didn't go over well is quite the understatement.  I didn't even see them in the mornings and then all day until about 6pm.  Let me tell you working 7-5:30 was a big change from 10-4!  I do not like mornings especially starting my morning at 5am.  I had to dress up daily including dress shoes aka high heels during my probation period then they would order scrubs.  I was excited at first but that was extremely short lived consider I wanted to cut my feet off after day 3!  I managed. 

First I worked in medical records.  Prepping almost 100 charts for each day constantly trying to stay one week ahead, sending medical records to other doctors/patients/agencies/insurance companies, searching various offices within two floors for missing charts and filing.  Oh the filing!  I thought it would be the death of me.  I moved to two desks within two weeks.  Then was I started filling in at the front desk.  Then I moved to check-in at the front desk and then check-out at the front desk.  They quickly figured out what I had said all along in each of my billion interviews over my 7.5 month long unemployment, "I learn quickly and can do anything I am taught".  I worked my butt off and it quickly paid off. 

In April after only being with the clinic a little over 4 months, our LASIK surgery counselor resigned.  I wanted the position but feared I wouldn't get it for two reasons:  (1) I had only been there for 4 months and (2)  I was too good at my current position that they wouldn't want to move me.  By this time, two of the front desk girls had been fired (one including my sister...ouch....that is a long story) and there were only two of us up front.   I just knew I wouldn't get it.  I decided to try anyway in hopes that at least they would see I wanted to move up and was willing to learn more.  Plus, I needed more a bad way!


Saying I was floored is putting it lightly.  I had my very own office.....A BIG OFFICE WITH A WHOLE WALL OF WINDOWS.

I did strictly LASIK counseling for about two months.  Then the Cataract counselor took a week off so I was quickly thrown into that as well.  Now I do LASIK counseling, cataract, YAG, SLT, ICL, DSAEK, PTG and corneal transplant counseling plus they have added a little marketing to all of this.  (I know you don't know what half of that is but it is a LOT!)


Now it is by far not the perfect job and I have my moments (especially when insurance companies are involved) but I have learned a whole new world of information involving eyes and vision and it is truly interesting and amazing the things we can do!  I work a lot and often worry about the impact this has had on our lives but I also have not missed a thing involving the boys sports or school activities.  I have become friends with some great people and had my own life changing opportunity that I will tell you all about later.  In short, this job has been a whirlwind and a God send to my life.  It seems like just yesterday I was searching high and low desperate for job but really I have been here almost a year and a half.  I think it is good to keep that time fresh in my mind so that I will always make sure I am an asset and keep my job as well as keep me humble!  Wow how time flies!


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