Wednesday, April 20, 2011


When Elijah was in first grade, his friend was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes actually his friend who I will call "P" was diagnosed just a month or two before Hubs.  Anywho......our two families have grown to love each other but when your boys' are on the same teams for two sports plus are in the same class at school you spend soooooo much time together and we just can't help it.  We are pretty lovable!  Why do I go off on things that have nothing to do with the current topic?

So......Mindy has to carry P's glucometer, snacks, juices and energy.  Yep you read that correctly she carries his energy in a bottle.  Actually they are glucose tablets but she affectionately named them "energy".  She hands energy out to the other kids when asked since basically they taste just like sugar.  Isaiah loves energy.  And as though he doesn't have enough of it, Mindy gives it to him at practices. 

The other day Isaiah comes in my room.  He plops up on my bed and starts kissing me. 
He says, "oh thank you Mommy for buying energy like Mindy!"

  I was a little lost until I saw the bottle of TUMS sitting on my dresser.  Tums......glucose tabs......well they look a little alike except the size, overall purpose and well taste but who cares he totally appreciated the gesture even if it wasn't really true!  I guess I will hide the TUMS now although I am sure after eating one he will realize it is not energy!


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