Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So we got a new radio station in town called GenX radio.  GenX plays mostly 90s music and I love it!  I know every word to almost every song and boy can I sing along.  Makes me feel young again.  I can hear a song and tell you what I was doing in either high school or college.  Takes me back!

One day I was singing along and Elijah says, "Hey Mom, is this the oldies?"



Hmm....doing the calculations in my head I had nothing to say other than, "Well yes I guess so!"  Can it be that songs from my youth are now considered oldies by kids?  How sad is that!

Sooooo....the next day I am telling the young bucks at work about Elijah's comment.  One chimes in with, "Wow I was 10 when that music played!"  The other chimes in with, "I was 6!" 


I no longer speak to them about my youth!


  1. LOL well oldies to me is 60s music...I had kids by the time the 90s came around :-p


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