Wednesday, September 17, 2008


FYI: There will be a BIGFOOT FESTIVAL AND CONVENTION near Talihina in October!!
Oh how I laughed at this one! Then I decided to research it a little and in fact there is a Bigfoot Festival and apparently Bigfoot lives in SE Oklahoma in the Kiamichi Mountains. Wow who knew!! LoOLOLOLoL!!!! The Honobia Bigfoot Organization will be hosting the 2nd Annual Honobia Bigfoot Festival on October 3 - 4th. How funny is that! They even have their own blog ...not much to it but still they have a freaking blog!! Wow! I read on just to see what exactly they do at a Bigfoot Festival and well I guess you can read it yourself here. How about those barrel train rides, covered wagon rides, cloggers, 4wheeler bigfoot hunts with the live entertainment and art shows running all day...hehehe.....then of course there is nightly bingo, a bigfoot walk of fame contest and storytelling time to tell tall tales. My favorite has to be the Tomahawk throwing lessons and a rock throwing contest!! Hey I should check into the prize for the rock throwing contest.....I might just take the boys for that! They are rock throwing pros! Doesn't it make you kinda want to go just to see "who really" goes to this thing!?!?

This reminds me of when I was looking at the calendar of events for the Convention Center last spring. I had decided we were going to try to go to all kinds of shows, festivals, town fairs and so on like I did when I was little. I couldn't wait for the Porter Peach Festival and the Stillwell Strawberry Festival and then somehow I missed both - go figure! Anyway I wanted to see what they would have at the convention center when I came across THE Oklahoma Funeral Home Directors Association Convention held annually in April. As soon as I came across this I thought, "Wow I bet they are a LIVELY bunch!" at the time I didn't realize how funny the thought was! Really what do you do at a Funeral Home Directors Convention look at new casket models, talk about new embalming techniques, cremation stories or just sit around talking about the deceased. Wow what a bundle of fun! I sure want to go there EVERY year. Bet it will take your mood 6ft under real quick! I know someone has to do that job but really how could you WANT that job!

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