Thursday, September 18, 2008



  1. Loose teeth and the pulling of loose teeth - ugh, ack! *gag*gag - seriously loose teeth freak me out!! I didn't mind as a child in fact like most children I sat wiggling them around with my tongue but now that I am an adult I can't stand it. I hate to see them wiggle, feel them wiggle and the mere thought of pulling them makes me want to vomit! Why? I don't have a clue but it was a serious gagfest as I tried to take pictures when my hubby pulled Elijah's first tooth! I am fine once they are out but the wiggling is *gag* creepy!
  2. SPIDERS!! I hate spiders! All spiders! Big, small, tiny, red, brown, black and hairy! I do not discriminate I will kill them without regret but I would much rather someone else kill them for me. I especially hate momma wolf spiders with hundreds of babies riding on their back......okay I am getting the willies! You will just have to read a few of prior blogs to understand that part. Read them in this order - Creepy Crawlies, Not Again and then My Panic Attack - apparently everyone besides me thinks they are funny. I think you all should know now b/c of our apparent colony of harmless yet aggressive, large and horny Wolf spiders and my immense fear of them, we now have a contract with an exterminator to get sprayed every 2 months!!!
  3. Walking into spiders webs b/c of number 2!!
  4. Roaches and large groups of ants - roaches should be self explanatory to most but they just disgust me and they are so fast. Sadly the rent house we lived in prior to buying our home was infested. I had exterminators out there many times but unfortunately the neighbors were fine with the nasty little visitors b/c they would never spray. One time the exterminator showed me a long line of roaches crawling to our house from their outside trash (they were some nasty people) and needless to say we gave our notice the next day b/c I could NOT live there. Ants, I know they are tiny, but large groups of ants give me the willies. Really people I am not a bug freak but not much else scares me!
  5. Touching anything in public restrooms! This one is next to impossible for me to avoid and I am fine as long as I don't think about it. The door handle, the door lock, the toilet handle (thank God for automatic flushing toilets!), my pants touching the floor, the sink handles, the paper towel I am glad I didn't live in olden days! I would personally like to thank the person who invented automatic flushing toilets, sinks and paper towel dispensers - YOU ROCK!! Now if someone would just be smart enough to put an automatic DOOR on bathrooms that would be amazing!!
  6. Loogies - enough said! This can make me puke!
  7. Cleaning vomit with Qtips from tiny areas in car seats
  8. Smelling crap from other adults
  9. Mystery pieces of meat while eating at new Chinese restaurants my Dad wants to try. What can I say - I'm a texture girl! I finally told him I am fine with our "normal" Chinese restaurants but I will not EXPERIMENT again. He laughed until the last place where I TOTALLY lost control and had a laughing fit while HE got a taste of some mystery meat that looked like intestines from some kind of small animal!! The mere thought of that moment still makes me laugh!!
  10. The sound of my Dad rubbing his squeaky eye. I can't really explain this one but if you could hear it you get the heebie-geebies too! Right Melanie!

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