Sunday, September 28, 2008


Well they've done it again. Our boys just amaze us more and more each week. The way they tackle has changed night and day since that first week of practice. Before they used to hesitate, stop and a hug war would take them to the ground, now they run full blast charging into their opponents - no holds bar! It is fun to watch and to see their faces full of pride with each game they win! I cringe with every hard hitting tackle Elijah does, hoping they are actually sounds of helmets and pads and NOT bones breaking. I pray to God to keep all the boys safe with each practice, scrimmage and game. The Mom in me feels sorry for the little boys who cry after Elijah tackles them but HIS Mom is glad he is safe and not the one crying in pain. I didn't realize football was such a rough sport. However, I cheer louder than most and ring my cowbell with each touchdown! Elijah wanted to play tackle football this year and he is enjoying it so I will support him however I can. At least I enjoy watching the games now even though I do not understand the game of football yet. There are many times when I am on the sidelines asking what just happened. Sad but true! I have come to love my new picture vantage point on the sidelines and follow the boys from one end of the field to the other not knowing anything more than they are winning and I am getting some cool sports pics! My boy has become a force to be reckoned with on the field along with his teammates. Most of all I love his good sportsmanship and love for his team and those who lead it! We have a good thing going here let's keep it up boys! Today we played the Claremore Zebras they were one of the two teams we were worried about. Claremore and Wagoner have some pretty good sized kiddos on their teams - corn fed farm raised boys! lol It was a harder game for them but they won 25 - 0! Now another week of practice leading up to the only other team we've worried about - Wagoner Bulldogs. I hope Tigers also eat Bulldogs! The boys decided they won because Tigers eat Zebras and they took their stripes today! Good job BA Gold!

Good teamwork wins games!

Good job Ryan and Elijah!

Uh oh, Elijah injured someone!

He must know the rule of thumb for dressing in stripes!

Is it helping though?!?! Sorry just had to say it!

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