Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Elijah's football team had their 2nd game today against Pryor. It was a home game so of course it wasn't until 11am! That crap just irritates me! All home games are scheduledfor late morning or early afternoon but ALL away games at least 1 hr away and we have to be their an hour before the game are scheduled for 8 or 9am! HELLO!!!! But I am quite sure you all are sick of reading my complaints over that issue so let's move on.............. OK the home games are really cool b/c well first of all at least we have bleachers (lol) no really....we have announcers! It is the cutest thing! The announcers say the kids' names and narrate plays which is so freaking cool EXCEPT the first time he was talking about Elijah he pronounced our last name wrong.....completely wrong...nothing really like it....included letters that weren't even there and our name is NOT hard so OF COURSE I had to yell up to him the correct pronunciation really slow so he could catch it! Hey if my kid is trying his best AND getting recognized for it at least get the name close to right! The next time he said his last name really slow and gave me a thumbs up! The rest of the time he got it right! Baby did good today and had several good tackles that the announcer liked and played up so that made it even more fun!!! He is trying really hard and loving it! They ended the game in a tie 13 - 13 but Martez insists we won b/c we had 2 more touchdowns that they called back and the REFS were arguing over the call. One ref said it was a touchdown and he says the penalty called on the quarterback isn't even possible but they just quarreled and still took the touchdown back. Hey DON'T ask me b/c remember I am not "footbally" and I have no clue! I was ready for overtime but apparently they do not allow overtimes at this age. I don't think the kids would mind but oh well no overtime and the game ends in a tie!! Later on today I caught Elijah watching football on TV.............a very sad thing for me!! Normally when the hubby is watching football I would either scrapbook or go watch TV with Elijah since he didn't watch football either BUT now I guess they will both be watching football and I'll be alone....scrapbooking OR blogging! lol

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