Thursday, September 25, 2008


10 things I have never done but would like to:
  1. Be a Mom to a little girl - Oh how I would love dress up, dolls, tea parties and fixing her curly long hair! Not gonna happen!
  2. Natural child birth - One emergency and one scheduled c-section for me - well I would want as natural as it could be with an epidural :)
  3. Finish college
  4. Wear a bikini - Nope never been small enough to be comfortable in one! If only I had the body! Lucky for everyone else I am not a big girl who would blind onlookers with my white jiggly fat in a bikini b/c I don't like the rubberband around a pillow look!! You all know you've seen that look and thought "I know it's good to have confidence but it is also good to own a mirror and have some pride in your discretion!"
  5. Vacation somewhere tropical in that bikini body I want
  6. Drive a race car....oooohhhh.....that sounds fun!!
  7. I have never been totally caught up on my scrapbooks. Wow that would be a relief!
  8. Never been snowskiing but always wanted to (funny since my family in Iowa has had a ski resort since before I was even born!)
  9. Love my job - it would be easier for me to work everyday if I was doing something I loved or for that matter even slightly enjoyed!
  10. Lose the weight I want to lose AND keep it off longer than my average year

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