Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So Monday was Isaiah's school carnival. Since Martez was at football with Elijah I decided to go ahead and take Isaiah just to be out of the house. He started WEE as a tiny 3month old and now my tee tiny baby is in the 3yr old class. Hold please.......ok! He started just one or two days a week to give my Mom a little break while I worked but now he goes all 4 days. For those few of you who are panicking about my child in daycare don't worry! WEE is actually more of a mother's day out program than a "daycare" facility and my boys have always LOVED it!!! Anyway he had a good time and got to see his friends.................

He rode the ponies!

Jumped in the Jupiter Jump

Ran & flipped through the obstacle course then played games for candy & prizes

Got his face painted (it's a kite)

THEN CAME THE NEWS...............................HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE NEXT BLOG!!!

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