Friday, September 19, 2008


Today was my day OFF and the first Friday I have done something for myself and by myself in a VERY long time. Although exhausting, it was nice!! Normally I take Tez to school then go to my Mom's to drop Zay off and sit for 30 aka finish getting ready before taking Elijah to school then going to work. Last week on Friday instead of going to Mom's I took the boys to Daylight Donuts to eat INSIDE and they loved it. I decided instead of going to my Mom's on Fridays since I take Zay to school Friday I would give her a break from us and start "Breakfast with the Boys" on Fridays. I will take them to eat breakfast aka probably weekly trip to the donut shop each Friday. However, my mom called still wondering where we were for the second Friday in a row so I guess she wasn't too bothered by us coming by when we didn't really need to!! Have I ever mentioned I just LOVE my Mom!! Anyway I took Elijah to school then went to Big Lots to waste time before Zay had to be at school. Bad idea and good idea! Good idea b/c I bought some of the stuff needed to complete the many projects I plan to do from being addicted to certain blogs! Bad idea b/c we ended up wandering and he was 30 minutes late for school ~ oops! I took Zay to school then unfortunately I heard the sad cry from Hobby Lobby ~ why does it have to be SO close to his school ~ wondering why I hadn't been there in forever. Yet another hour, maybe more, spent wandering getting more supplies for said projects when the darn scrapbook aisle SCREAMED my name! Sad sad day! Then I ran home to rescue my debit card from yesterday's jeans (Thank God I had cash on hand for my Hobby Lobby venture) and ran other errands - two party supply stores to look at Halloween costumes for the boys and baby shower decor for Chai's shower on Monday - when low and behold my car drove to Scrapbooks Galore n' More. Actually I HAD (called my sister and invited her) to meet my sister to give her a guided tour before she becomes an addict after she starts cropping with me! I just love her too! Then onto my two hour journey picking up 3 boys from 3 schools at 3 different sporadic times (not enough time in between to go home but far too long to sit around waiting in a hot car with current gas prices) - ugh! I am glad I only have to do the pick up routine once a week! It is daunting, however, we are going to have a chat about that since I spend almost 4 hrs on my day OFF just doing the drop off AND pick up routine when I don't have to!! Wow! Next I went home, fell asleep then went to eat with Chai and my boys! Yummy! Then a Wal-mart trip that only reminded me of WHY I DON'T TAKE MY BOYS TO GET GROCERIES!! Then onto looking at my current hopeful home on the internet and falling madly in love. Next, of course, you guessed it onto BLOGGER! More about the hopeful home after I see it this weekend!!!! Well I need to go to tomorrow....

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