Monday, September 22, 2008


Another update came to work yesterday from Tammi's mom who is in Houston. Apparently Manny slept with Maddox and woke up to alarms going off and saw his legs purple and he wasn't breathing. Doctors started compressions and different meds to bring him back several times unfortunately even though they could get his heart started they could not get it to keep beating. After 3 hours of working, Maddox was put on medication to paralyze his body, then life support and some other machine. They had the family come in and called the priest however Tammi wasn't having any of that insisting there was no reason for any of this b/c her son was not going to die. I can't imagine their pain! Their only hope right now is the paralyzing meds will give his body a rest and that the swelling in the heart will go down in which case they will try to take him off the machines slowly to see how his heart will react. Later last night Tammi sent out a bulletin that read:

Unfortunately, Maddox is not doing well at all. He developed an infection in his blood from his central line. He coded yesterday in his hospital room with me and Manny present. The doctors came in and started chest compressions and tons of drugs to try and stabilize him. He is still very very sick and is on complete support in the CVICU. The doctors say it is touch and go at this point in time. He is very very sick. Please say a prayer for him

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