Saturday, September 13, 2008


Today was an awesome day even with a 5:45am wake-up, an hour drive to the game and rain ALL DAY!l! We played in Locust Grove with the e-coli epidemic and all. No food or drink was purchased anywhere close to Locust Grove - lol! Our boys did AWESOME! Go Tigers!!! All the boys had great plays! My baby caused a fumble, recovered the ball and ran for like 50 - 60 yds until he was tackled right before the goal line! He also scored an extra point and did some great tackles!! By far his best game yet - by far the best our team as a whole has done! In fact for some odd reason the home team turned off the scored board after half time (that depressed I guess!).

Because we had a good lead at halftime 25 - 0, Coach Hinesley experimented with them playing different positions and they did well. Elijah is normally running back and corner but today he also got to play quarterback and defensive line! Not so good as the quarterback but great job as defensive lineman! It was really exciting when he was running the fumble return (not sure if that is the techincal term) b/c I happened to be walking around to the opposite side of the field and was right by the end zone when I heard everyone screaming. I looked up to see my boy running towards me as fast as his little legs could go so I dropped the umbrella tried to take what I thought would be an awesome picture all the while screaming "COME ON BABY! GO BABY GO!" Still fiddling with the camera wondering why I can't see him when I realize the camera lens cover was still on and by the time I figured it out he got tackled right before the goal line! Boo hoo! It was the PERFECT picture opt with the PERFECT ANGLE and I MISSED IT!!! Don't think I am not kicking myself over and over for that one - seriously the perfect scrapbook moment!! It rained most of the game and we had to sit in the opposing sides bleachers in order to see and I must say they did not like that at all and they were rude! I bet they would not have been as rude if they only had a chance!! WE WHOOPED SOME LOCUST GROVE PIRATE BUTT!! We won 37 - 0! How awesome is that!!!! On the ride home the boys and the parents were pumped and I said, "Elijah baby you sent those pirates back out to sea!" He said, "Yep those pirates need to walk the plank! We took their ship! Aaarrgghh!" How cute is that!

I love this shirt Mindy made for Ellie! This is the back & so true - her 3 big brothers play for BA

I had to include this pic b/c the Locust Grove coaches attire cracked me up!!

One has on a "wife beater" (I hate that name!) and the other is wearing overalls!
After we finally arrived home we decided to go to my nephew Nehemiah's game since we were already wet anyway. My Mom, Sister and Logan came too! Needless to say I didn't even try to speak to my brother after the game since he was the not-so-happy Coach after losing 34 - 0! I sure wouldn't want to be his team this week at practice!! In their defense it took three or four of their guys to take down any player on the opposing team and that gets old after awhile. It was shocking to me to see my brother as a Coach - he is a yeller and not really his nice self! After leaving Nehemiah's game, our friends Tammy and Jessie called to see if we wanted to go eat at Indigo Joe's a sports bar and grill. The plan was to eat, let the men watch football while Tammy and I went to get a pedicure! What? Who says no to that??!!?? It was nice to finally get a pedicure WITH a girlfriend and just relax and chat. Next came home for rainy day activities aka hubby watches football on TV, kids complain of being bored while I blog, download pictures and return to kicking myself over the lost perfect picture moment! Now if I could just keep my head from exploding that would be terrific! Did I mention I am getting sick and allergies are kicking my butt!?!?

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