Thursday, September 25, 2008


I thought I had the morning madness cured last year but the little trick I would use on Elijah is not working anymore. Elijah is a bear in the mornings no matter what time he goes to bed. He HAS to wake up on his OWN and then he is fine but ever since he was a baby everyone knows NOT to WAKE Elijah up. Mornings are awful with him and I am so tired of it. I am not a morning person either but I am not grouchy. I just don't like getting up. I believe this is payback for my younger years; however, I will not admit this to my Father. You all probably already read I am an insomniac and my parents say I've been like that since birth. I apparently got my days and nights mixed up and still have not been fixed! lol When I was younger I would get in trouble almost every morning. My Dad would lay on me (wow he is big!), sing in my ear, tickle me (still hate to this day), trap me under the covers (I can still freak out just having covers between me and my hubby b/c I hate tight covers), poor water on me......................this list could go on forever. He would always say, "Get up!" and I would say, "I am up!" and his answer was always, "You aren't up until your feet hit the floor!" at which point one sleepy foot would plop onto the ground and I would say, "There I'm up!" Needless to say I ruined mornings for my parents as well and now I am getting my punishment! They would stick pins onto the snooze button of my alarm and place it across the room so I would HAVE to get UP but somehow when I woke up the pins would be gone and it would be right beside the bed with the correct time programmed. I never remembered doing any of this but I must be very productive while sleeping! lol On the other hand I remember very well going into the bathroom, turning on the shower and making a pallet on the floor to go back to sleep. It was amazing how the sound of my parents door unlocking could wake me and I'd quickly jump into the shower. My Dad would say, "Hurry up Angie!" My response, "I'm about to get out!" then I would QUICKLY lather and shampoo and get out!! Now regrettably I have many of the same morning scenarios with Elijah and cringe when my Dad's words creep out of my mouth!! Ugh don't you just hate that!

I say, "get up", he says, "I am!" UGH! He cries about being SO tired then I say, "go to bed when I tell you to go to bed!" That one sounds like nails on a chalkboard to me every time it spews out of my mouth. I HATED it when my Dad said that b/c he never understood how someone could go to bed and not fall asleep like me......hello insomnia! I CAN'T JUST FALL ASLEEP! Once I am asleep I am OUT but it takes me forever to fall asleep and Elijah is doing the same things I did. Things that make you go hmmmmm.....................

This morning Isaiah decided to help me out and said "E-I-Jah don't make me tount!......Otay! Onnnne, twooooo, fourrrr, fivvvvve, sixxxx, sevvvvennn..................Mommy what number do I stop at?" He is too funny! Tez and Isaiah are like their Daddy in the mornings. They just pop up and get ready to start the day....Thank God I don't think I could handle another MORNING ME since I already have two! Oh the joys of motherhood!

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