Sunday, September 28, 2008


My newest (actually finished) project

I finished one of my many planned craft projects today. Luckily it only took about twenty minutes and it was cute. I was needing a paint can for another project I have planned for the boys but I had to buy a 3pk of cans. Not knowing what to do with the other two, I decided to make one of the projects pictured on the label. I did it for my friend Chaitra who will be having her second girl Addison in a few weeks. What exactly she will do with it, I am unsure! Hair bow container maybe but I did it in brown and pink to match her room. Since I don't have girls and have a love of pink, whenever I can use pink for "my" girls Avani, Quinlynne and Addison I will!


Right side "A" for Addison


Left side

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