Sunday, September 28, 2008


Maddox is still critical. They are needing to take him off of one of his medications; however, it must be done slowly and each time they attempt to take him off he codes. He coded three times on Monday, four times Tuesday then again on Wednesday and after that I am not really sure what has happened. He is still really swollen. He attempted to wake up at one point but they immediately sedated him again because of his thrashing around. Brandi went down there for three days and was saddened that she didn't even recognize her little nephew. The doctors are frustrated with Tammi and are telling her there isn't anything they can do short of a transplant and Tammi is very frustrated with the doctors for wanting to give up on her baby boy and unwilling to let go of the hope she regained when he tried to wake up and squeezed her finger when she talked to him. Keep this family in your prayers!

On another note Tammi went to the ob/gyn and found out she is having a baby girl that is perfectly fine - no heart defects present!! What a relief!! However, she ended up in the ER this weekend with contractions. They believe it is do to too much stress, dehydration, kidney stones and an infection they are now treating. I wish there was something/anything I could do for this young family but all I can do at this point is put their story out there and ask for prayer and support!

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