Monday, September 22, 2008


I've been especially bad this past week!! I have become an avid reader of many blogs this week. If you read my blog, then you have heard about Maddox. I was checking up on my counter and seeing where my readers were coming from when I saw someone had googled HLHS and been led to my site. I then decided to check out the other blogs it had listed. I guess I never expected to see that many. Like most people I know, I had not even heard of HLHS until Maddox was diagnosed while Tammi was pregnant. I didn't realize there were so many out there like him. Of course, I had to look at each blog and then read its ENTIRETY! I just cry, smile, clinch my jaw, shake my head and stare in awe at these tiny little lives and their families. All affected by heart defects and the amazing yet dangerous surgeries to fix them AND the babies are smiling, calm, happy, loved, peaceful and stronger than most adults I know. I feel for the all parents of children affected by heart defects and often wonder if I would be strong enough to handle it without breaking. They have to COMPLETELY trust the Doctors and the abilities that God has given them. I don't know if I could just sit and wait for most of the day wondering if my baby was still alive, I know deep down THAT is just what a parent does b/c it isn't like they have a choice but I think I would need to be sedated. Wow it is so overwhelming! And then there is Trisomy 18 which before now I had never even heard of and WOW you'll just have to read it will change you! Anyway here you go with the Minor Obsessions Monday blog list:

  1. The Stanfield Journey
  2. Lily's Angel Heart
  3. Michael James Sheehan Irwin
  4. Milnes
  5. Baby's Journey Home
  6. These Nine Months has some good HLHS links and last but not least her husband's blog Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. Brooks the husband blogged during the hospital stay and initial surgery in August and it was nice to see a man's view and he is a great writer full of emotion

I am sure there are many more out there but these are the new blogs I have been reading this week! It was nice to see some babies with heart defects doing well. I will continue to keep Maddox in my thoughts and prayers but now I will include Faith, Emma Kate, Mick, Lily, Bela, "Baby" and the many others that I don't yet know about.

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