Thursday, September 18, 2008


Yesterday the cardiologists came to tell Tammi this: the good news is his heart doesn't have anything that NEEDS to be fixed and the bad news is his heart doesn't have anything that we CAN fix. Maddox will remain on his current medication and he will be placed on the transplant list with no earthly idea how long he will wait or if he will make it that long. Another issue that was not told to Tammi and Manny is now that Maddox is on THIS medication he can NOT be taken off of it and he can NOT leave the hospital while he is on it. Short story: he will be living at the hospital until his transplant. How in the world?? His little friend is a 6yr old transplant recipient that waited 5 yrs for a heart and b/c she too was on this medication, she lived in the hospital for 5yrs. 1) what kind of life is that and 2) how exactly does that work? Tammi is 6mos pregnant so how will she take care of the newborn at home and still be with Maddox at the hospital. I am clueless at this point. I understand many people have probably lived this way but it is beyond my realm of understanding. Please keep them in your prayers! No parent should have to endure this and stories like this just make me appreciate my life and my 2 healthy boys even more. Sometimes we take those things for granted until the story of someone else's life wakes us up! I am awake now! I can't imagine pain like that and hope I never will! I have to believe in the power of prayer and yet another miracle for Maddox, the walking, talking Miracle boy!

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  1. I was just telling mom after your story- how we take for granted our NORMAL pregnancies, and our normal, healthy children. They may get croup, and they may have bowel issues- but at least they're not living in a hospital.


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