Friday, September 12, 2008


In honor of Friday High Five here are My Top Five Reasons to be glad summer is over and fall is on its way:
  1. Kids are back in school so therefore my Fridays off are now ALL MINE AGAIN! EXCEPT for this Friday.......why again are my kids home?......why do they need a professional day so soon after Labor Day?.....well at least I got to sleep in for ONE Friday and didn't have to take kids to school or sports or run one million errands!!!
  2. MUCH COOLER temperatures SO soon no sweat will roll down my back or into my eyes at outdoor events!! Hey I hate OK's 100 degree weather so much that I am LOVING the 80s right now and even the lower 90s don't seem so bad! I must admit though THIS summer did not seem as hot as normal and the 100s didn't last long
  3. Warm comfort foods like beef stew, cobblers, chili and hot chocolate will return soon along with sweatshirts and pajama pants curled up by the fireplace!!
  4. I will have NO reason to wear my bathing suit!
  5. Piles of leaves and pictures of my boys having fun in them!

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