Monday, September 15, 2008


My new blog for this week is Life as only we know it... Of course it through a friend of a friend of a friend plus a little curiosity that brought me to this blog. It is a woman who blogs about her life (imagine that?) Anyway I took a glance and ended up reading all the way to the beginning within two days. I will only tell you they will be leaving for Russia soon with their adopted son and hopefully they will be returning with their other son whom they have been waiting for almost 4yrs. I hope and pray they get to bring this little boy home soon so they can finally be the family they've been wanting to be for almost 4 yrs. Good luck guys my thoughts are with you!! (They are probably like - hey who is this chick!?@#? my answer just a fellow blogging mom who's a sucker for a good story!!) If you don't want to read her whole blog at least check out two of my favs: Aug 7th titled "Ah, chit...." (if you know about my Target in India calls you will laugh like I did!) AND the Aug 1st entry titled "Phew, I feel so much better!" those letters crack me up especially the one to "Dear Doctor Mytimeisworthmorethanyours,"! I bet everyone would love to send that letter out!! Read on...until next time America........

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