Monday, September 15, 2008


If you read my blog you know about baby Maddox and the drama surrounding the family. Well to top it all off...listen to this! Tammi, Manny, Maddox and both of his Grandmas were in the hospital in Houston this weekend. They evacuated everyone that wasn't medical staff or patients due to the impending hurricane. Tammi is 6mos pregnant with their second child and she was also kicked out. They went to a nearby hotel for Saturday night but were kicked out of the hotel Sunday morning for two reasons..1) all the windows in the hotel were broken except for the room they stayed in (miracle) and 2) they had used all their cash onhand to pay for the first night and the hotel couldn't run a credit card for the second night. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I would be raising some major hell if I was 6mos pregnant with my baby in the hospital not knowing if he would live or die alone AND they kick them out into the flooded streets. The water was up to their knees so they couldn't drive anywhere so they walked or I guess waded 5 freaking blocks back to the hospital. The hospital STILL wouldn't let anyone in until 6pm Sunday evening SO they waited and waded outside the hospital until 6pm - cold, wet, stressed and pregnant! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FREAKING KIDDING ME! HAVE A HEART HOUSTON! They made it through the storm and Maddox is still listed as critical. They are trying a new medication which if it works for now he will still probably need a heart transplant and would be on the medication for the rest of his life!! Please keep them in your prayers! I wish you guys could meet the little walking miracle b/c no matter how bad you would feel for him HE would make YOU smile!

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