Sunday, September 28, 2008


Up close and personal!

Five years ago on September 27th, I married the love of my life! I would say he changed me but I truly believe our love changed US to be better people and better parents! We have grown SO much since we met it is unreal!

In Dec we will have been together for 8 yrs. The first year and a half was ROCKY to say the least but we both made a decision to either split apart or work it out for good and that is exactly what we did - we worked it out. He makes me so happy not to say he never aggravates me but he loves me FOR WHO I TRULY AM and a lot of people can't say that. I realize how lucky I am to have a husband who helps with the kids, works two jobs (b/c HE wants to provide more), coaches his son's football team and still has time for the cop a feel moments! lol He still makes me laugh, smile and can talk about nothing into the wee hours if I can't sleep (not so say he doesn't fall asleep while I am talking) AND I appreciate him for it!! Even if I complain to my friends who are mostly single moms about stuff he doesn't do, they are quick to defend HIM b/c of all they know he DOES for me AND the kids - even for THEIR kids - w/o being asked! I never thought I would find a "keeper" that my friends AND family would love too! Trust me my family loves him like he is their own and he loves them too! (Sometimes I wonder if they may even love HIM more! ha well ok not ha!)

For the most part we really don't fight at least not like other couples we know. WELL unless HE is driving! lol Yes we disagree and racial issues will bring about a heated discussion but he then understands I am always right and won't allow racial issues as a cop out (sp?)! lol Just kidding but honestly we discuss our differences and sometimes we just have to agree to disagree b/c no two people will ever agree on EVERYTHING 100%. We have only slept apart two nights in almost eight years except when I've been in the hospital for childbirth and other random surgeries. Yes sometimes I wish we had more alone time but that is a bridge I think every parent wants to cross. He is an amazing father AND daddy to our boys and I love every time Isaiah (Daddy's boy) says, "Daddy I missed you and I wuv you buncha bunches! You my best Daddy evo!" and then Martez gets the biggest grin and repeats it back to him. It is moments like that that make each bad day seem not so bad.

My three loves!
Tonight the boys went to spend the night with Meme and Papa while we went to the Riverwalk. We went to eat at Outback - oh how I love Outback steaks! Then we went to the Riverwalk, watched a movie and then walked around. I must say I thought the Riverwalk was going to be a lot more than it was. Maybe once there is more it will appeal to us more. Then Martez wanted to go to the casino and even though I didn't really want to, I obliged. We walked in and he said, "Do you want to go to the high stakes room?" My answer was "Baby WE aren't high stakes" but again I obliged. I sat down at a five dollar wheel of fortune machine, put in ten dollars and with four pokes of a button and thirty seconds later I was up $600! I guess I am high stakes after all! I wasn't sure if I had actually won that money so I cashed out to check and just stared at the voucher in disbelief as I read "six hundred ten dollars and no cents". I quickly decided not to push my luck and called it quits. We left happy with our winnings and went home to get lucky again! (wink wink) You know you are old when you are at home in bed on a child free night at 10:30pm! At least I didn't say we were "asleep" at 10:30pm! TMI I KNOW! I love you baby!

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