Friday, September 19, 2008


Tammi finally had a chance to update us on Maddox and here is what she said:

The cardiologist performed a heart cath on Tuesday to try and determine the pressures and function of Maddox's heart. During the procedure they discovered the three main problems he is having are

1.His tricuspid valve is severely leaking
2.Only 1/3 of his blood flow is going to his lungs ( it should be at least 2/3 )
3. His heart is extremely dilated (large) and it takes up over 2/3 of his chest from being overworked.

There is a surgery called the Fontan that would fix these problems. However, Maddox wasn't supposed to have this surgery for another 2 years. The surgeons think it would be too high risk to perform this surgery just 5 months after the last heart surgery and with his heart in this condition. Therefore, we met with the transplant team on Wednesday. They are doing all of the blood work and paper work now to get Maddox placed on the transplant list.

As I'm sure you can imagine this is all very scary for me, Manuel and all of our family. We will have to move to Houston and live within one hour of the hospital and carry a pager at all times. This is in case a heart becomes available we would have to be close enough to the hospital to get here in time for the organ. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. He has made it through so much already and I know his time isn't done here on earth. However, it is deeply saddening to know that another child will have to lose his life for my son to live. I ask that you not only pray for Maddox and our family but for all the families that are going through the same thing we are. I will update you as we know more.

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