Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Hang on this one will probably be long! The only ones who will appreciate this one are Melanie who knows me TOO well and anyone who shares my fear of spiders!! So it was a typical monday at work yesterday. Some freak glitch in the computer screwed up inventory so I have to do the orders by hand, we are shorthanded and two people are at lunch. We have a scorpion at work that had 14 babies that lay on their mothers back. The mom is black and all the little babies are white and it looks really creepy!! I don't like scorpions. So this little girl comes up to me looking all sad saying she thinks the scorpion and the babies are dead. Knowing the scorpion is probably sitting there tired of holding 14 babies on her back - who wouldn't be - I tell the little girl this. Her and her grandmother say they've been watching it for a while and none of them have moved. Well I try to get out of the situation saying I don't have a key to the room while I am pulling the door. As luck would have it, it wasn't locked so I said oh well I'll go check. I searched frantically for something to poke the scorpion with to make it move but knowing I can't hurt the scorpion because for some odd reason the little girl is really concerned. As luck would have it again there wasn't anything in there. So I decided to just stick my hand in there and gently move the piece of wood in the cage. The freaking thing moved all right and raised it's pincher thing. So I jumped out of my skin, screamed and ran out of the room which looked highly professional by the way!! But it made the little girl happy - I don't know which made her happier me running and letting out a little scream of terror or the fact that the scorpion and its babies were alive! This experience reminded me of my "SPIDER NIGHT OF TERROR"! Do do do do!! So here is the real story I intended on telling: I have a great fear of spiders! I don't mind snakes or lizards except tokay geckos but I really have a serious fear of spiders even the tiny ones. Well awhile back we were having a big problem with REALLY big spiders in our house. They were wolf spiders and man were they big. We had the house exterminated and still had big spiders. Man they were big at first I thought they were tarantulas until I learned they were wolf spiders. They jumped at us when we tried to kill them. Talk about terrified!! So I was going out to the garage to do some laundry at about 1am one morning because I never sleep. There was an unusually larger spider sitting on a ledge and I decided instead of killing the spider I was going to trap it in some kind of container to prove to everyone how big our spiders were and to show the exterminator who I was going to have come out again!! Okay so after staring at the nasty thing for a long while trying to get up enough courage to get the spider in the container before it devoured me, I discovered something on its back about an inch tall. I couldn't figure out what it was so I knocked it off the ledge to go into the container and ##$!%!%#$!#. I couldn't believe my eyes there were little tiny tiny baby spiders going everywhere. Hundreds of them literally!! Imagine my terror!! Little did I know momma wolf spiders can carry like 300 babies or something on their back! I threw the lid on the container and shook in fear and disbelief. Then all I could think of was to kill them all. I grabbed every spray I could get my hands on and sprayed it all over the area killing the tiny little demon spawn!! Then all I could think was all these tiny tiny babies were going to escape the container so I had to spray inside the container and the mom jumped I jumped but I reigned!! They all died! I had to take a shower because I felt like they were crawling all over me! I left the container in the garage with a protective barrier of pestisides around the container to catch any escapees. Long long story short the exterminator came out again and I proved how big our spiders really were and that I wasn't exaggerating! Man I hate those creepy crawly critters!! It could be worse though my son used to be afraid of black crickets because my husband once told him they were bad luck! He got over that though when my mom told him they make great pets and now he catches them all and tries to keep them! Thanks mom!! I never realized how many black crickets were around until we had a bunch of cricket pets!! We also have a black cricket cemetary!!

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  1. OMG girl. I just read every one of your spider stories and I can now understand the deadly spider in the bananas post a little better! lol I'm so sorry. It's really not funny. I have a flying tree roach fear...they make me pee my pants :o


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