Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I've been talking to my dad about this subject and it is really bothering me. So far the medical bills for my surgery in January have come up to about $44,000!! Yes you read it right! Just Southcrest Hospital was $36,000!! That does not include the anesthesiologist, the surgeon, the radiologist, etc - just the hospital! I was only in the hospital a total of 27 hours and all they did was remove an appendix, a tumor and an ovary! Both my kids were c-section and I stayed in the hospital around 3 or 4 days, together they cost less than that! How exactly is that possible? Luckily we have insurance but I really feel for those who don't. Having appendicitis can be fatal so it isn't like those without insurance could say well I don't have the money right now, I'll save and come back later!! It is medically necessary! Here's my issue: Hospitals of course have a contracted amount for the insurance companies. Now if they can offer the same services for such an astoundingly lower cost to the insurance companies how is it fair that the same servies are so much more for uninsured. I understand there would be a different price but the difference is amazing. For instance my Southcrest Hospital bill was $36,000 but they discounted it $28,000 for the insurance company so they only had to pay $8,000. Now if Southcrest can accept $8000 for the services they performed why are they charging $36,000 to those that don't have insurance. How is that fair? If patients can't afford the insurance how can we expect them to afford the medical costs. Medical bills are outrageous!! So they are punishing those that can't afford insurance in the first place with even higher medical costs so they can make the financial situation even harder! You don't just discount services $28,000 if you are unable to. You and I both know they still profited! Medical bills bankrupt people all the time so why don't they charge the insurance companies the higher rate since they have the money. Yea that will never happen!! How can it be legal to charge people $36,000 for only $8,000 worth of services. Medical costs should be regulated more somehow especially if they are life threatening and the patient has to have the procedure or die! Come on now! This is highway robbery! Oh they'll save your life but you'll have to lose everything you've worked hard for to pay for it! Well can't say I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the claim statements to come but I thank God we have very good insurance and haven't had to pay hardly anything yet!! I guess the insulated 32oz cup I brought home from the hospital is now my $44,000 cup!!

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