Thursday, March 22, 2007


Imagine going to work and having to answer this question about twice a week: Why does my dog eat its poop? Welcome to my world! Thank God I am trapped in the office the majority of the time! I think my dad did that on purpose because after years of dealing with the public I was becoming quite bitter and rude towards customer. I get sick of answering the customers questions and they always have a rebuttal or just don't believe you. If you don't want to hear the answer, then don't ask!! So here is the proper business answer to the ever so popular question: Dogs eat their poop for many reasons such as hiding an accident, an internal parasite, boredom, a disgusting habit but mainly because they lack nutrients in their diet. Cheap foods aren't for the most part nutritious. Go look at your dog food since I know most of you aren't feeding a premium dog food and see if one of the first three ingredients is corn. Corn is indigestible. Have you ever looked at your poop after you've eaten corn? I know that sounds nasty but you all now it looks just the same coming out as it did going in. They use corn and rice in dog foods as a filler - it will fill the dog up but supply no nutritional value. Dogs can smell the undigested food in the dog poop so they will eat the poop too. If they eat proper food that is highly digestible they won't need to eat the poop to satisfy their nutritional needs. However if it has been eating poop for awhile it has just become a nasty habit but there are pills to help stop that! Cheap foods are simply that cheap but not inexpensive because you will feed twice as much of it to meet the dogs needs. Buy a premium food for 60 days and feed according to the instructions and you will see your dog will eat less, look better, and poop less. So in the long run the premium food will save you money and the dog will be healthier! NOW the answer I really want to say is: YOUR DOG WILL STOP EATING CRAP AS SOON AS YOU STOP FEEDING IT CRAP!! If you don't want to buy healthy food for your dog, then when it eats its poop turn your head and then thank the dog because now you at least have less poop in the yard!! Guess you are saving money on a pooper scooper if the dog eats crap! Have you ever heard the saying just because it tastes good, doesn't make it good for you? The same goes for your animals. Lets face it most dogs will eat anything but that doesn't mean you have to feed them junk food. Do you feed your kids candy and fries for every single meal every single day of their lives? No so why do it to your pet!! And don't feed canned food unless as a treat or unless the dog won't eat ANYTHING else - it is 70% water and not good for their teeth!! Thank you and have a nice day!! Lovely topic a!! If you couldn't tell I got asked this question AGAIN today and I've given up on why the dog really eats poop like stated above and just handed them the pills to help stop but their dogs will still be under nourished and probably still eat poop! They never really care though much like most of you reading this wondering what screw is loose in my head!! They all are!! Sorry I am climbing down my soapbox now!! love ya'll

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