Thursday, March 22, 2007


My kid is sooo funny but aren't they all! Ok so this morning he was watching cartoons and starts screaming for me to come in his room. There was a Kia Sedona commercial on but he was entranced. Here's how it went:

"Mom you have GOT to get that car!"

"No son mommy doesn't want a mini van!"

"But mom that car is awesome. When you push the brakes, huge fluffy white pillows pop out for everyone in the car so you can rest while waiting at the stoplight!"

"Our truck has them too Elijah."

"Well they need to be fixed because they never pop out and sometimes I get really tired of waiting at the stoplight!"

I thought that was soooo cute but I had to explain the "pillows" were actually airbags to protect us during car wrecks because he insisted ours were broke!! He's just so cute!!

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