Friday, January 26, 2007

No Cancer!

Well the results are in! I was supposed to go to the doctor on Thursday but got a call late Monday requesting me to be at the doctor on Tuesday morning. After I kind of flipped out on the nurse on the phone wondering why he wanted to see me early and asking if my results were bad, she informed me she just had to reschedule all of Thursday mornings appointments because he had a meeting. I accepted her answer still thinking she was lying to me just to make me feel better. Tuesday I went to the doctor and waited an hour and ten minutes before they called my name. After two women left his office crying, my stomach was one big knot wondering if they book all the bad news appointments for one day to get them all over with at once. I really hadn't worried all week about the tumor just trusted the doctor's assumption that it was a benign tumor but now I began to worry. Then I found out he wasn't lying about his meeting because the room was full of patients with Thursday morning rebooks! Next I got called back and had to listen to the woman in the room next to me screaming in pain and I do mean screaming! I was next! Everything was fine! I had a baseball size tumor on my ovary that had to be removed along with the ovary and of course my appendix since it all this started with appendicitis. I cannot begin to spell the name of the tumor but it was benign and it is a fairly common tumor that grows and they do not yet know why. I really don't care why since it is gone and not cancerous!!! THANK YOU GOD !!

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