Friday, September 14, 2007


Elijah started kindergarten and has way more homework than I ever imagined. I didn't even expect daily homework let alone projects every weekend. I mean it is like I told my friend I didn't have homework at his age and I turned out to be a genius so what's the deal!! At first I thought maybe Elijah wasn't completing his work in class so I asked the teacher who replied with no he is doing great in class that is assigned homework for all of my students. My friend's daughter is in the class across the hall from Elijah and she has homework but as of now not as much as him. What the crap - he is five!! They are going to burn him out before first grade and it is only the first month! I need to start Isaiah on reading and writing now at age 2 because when he starts he'll be doing book reports on the first week! Ugh!! Anyway so tonight at football practice one of Elijah's friends is on the team so I was talking to his mom and a mom who I know from his soccer team who is a kindergarten teacher and they both said he has way too much! The teacher said yes she assigns homework unlike many of her fellow teachers who do not but she only does it 2 days a week and it's something like write your name 5 times or color something. The other mom said Avery who is also in kindergarten hasn't even had homework yet. WHAT! Hasn't had homework! She also said the books he has been coming home with to learn how to read in two days are the same books her daughter got in first grade! So far Elijah has been able to handle the load as long as I break it up instead of making him do it in one sitting but I really don't want him to hate school and burn out now! Little boys don't want to sit and write their name 50 times after being in school all day - get real!! This is the first weekend out of the past four that he hasn't had a weekend project thank you God! He has handwriting homework for two nights which right now consists of tracing his name 25 times then writing it on his own 25 times, a rhyming maze and coloring worksheet twice a week, a book to learn how to read for two nights amidst the other projects and papers we have had to do! I am worn out so I can't imagine how he feels! I realized at one point I would have to deal with the homework issue but I NEVER ever thought it would be now in kindergarten at age 5!

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