Thursday, February 11, 2010


Dear Dr. Oz,

I always liked watching you on Oprah.  The mere information bonanza was enough to handle the disgusting truths you told.  I was very excited to hear you would be getting your very own television show.  I DVR your show daily and must admit I have a few little tidbits I would like to share with you although odds are you will never read this!!

The Truth Tube - I just don't get it!  There isn't an actually tube that you ask permission for them to "stand in".  It is really more of a platform not a tube and haven't they given permission before they agreed to be on the show.  Just so you know, you would never have my permission to televise my weight or waist size for all the world to see!  You must have some pretty brave guests!  I also want to know if you actually weigh the guests or if they tell you their weight and dress size.  Some of those ladies look like they weigh way more and I KNOW sometimes those dress sizes are WAY off!

The weight loss stories - Along with millions of Americans, I too am overweight and would love to lose weight.  I have lost 33 lbs recently but fear an underlying deadly disease is to blame so I merely choose to say I am eating healthier and move on.  Stress I believe anyway........When you ask the guests their weight loss secrets and they reveal them I just shrug.  Steel cut oats....ugh!   I would appreciate a story that included pop tarts, Nutri Grain bars or cereal for breakfast since I can't seem to like the steel cut oats that EVERYONE seems to love and lose weight eating.  Just a request!!  I know these choices aren't wise or anything you would recommend but I am a busy mom on the go.  My choices are a healthy banana, Nutri Grain bar or a pop tart on my way out the door.  It is either that or nothing at all!  I know you say "choose fresh" when you can but my current income and busy mom status needs to use those "pre-packaged" goods in order for a meal to ever be cooked.  SO why don't you let us know which "pre-packaged" goods are acceptable?!?!?  

The skin crawl factor - Half of your shows have just made my skin crawl!  I watch every evening and my family LOVES to learn all about their body by watching you.  I swear the amount of medical information in your head should make it explode!! The problem is I can't sleep because I am so grossed out!  The parasites like the tape worm.....ugh....gag....ugh! I swear I checked out my own poop for days looking for those little larvae sacks.  Disgusting I tell you!  I sort of hoped to catch some worms to lose weight until I saw this episode.  Then the whole parasite episode which again talked about worms put me over the edge!  Seriously I am thinking of scotch taping the butts of my entire family since now my butt itches at the mere thought of that episode.  Oh my.....the bed bugs show...ugh!  I swear I didn't sleep well for weeks.  I am an insomniac anyway so this did not help matters! (Yes I also watched the insomnia show!)  I woke up a million times a night feeling like something was crawling on me.  I removed draws looking for feces.  I removed the sheets and washed them while inspecting then vacuuming my mattress.  No sign of a single bug but still no sleep!  Thanks!  Between the creepy crawly feeling and the scotch tape that will be on my butt for fear of a parasite, I will never sleep the same again!  No more parasite shows so I don't go buy a microscope and start combing through our family's bowel movements!  Please I beg of you stop!!

Cheesy - I love you!  I really do but you are a tad cheesy on your new show!  Man it up a little!  Most of all I love your honesty but the acting is a little to be desired.  When you try to do all the new exercises, I must admit if I am not laughing then I am fast forwarding.  Probably should pay attention but it is hard when you look so awkward!

Style - I KNOW you have a stylist!  Does this stylist not know YOU DON'T WEAR WHITE SOCKS WITH BLACK SHOES?  PLEASE!!  Stop with the white socks and black shoes.....this is one of my biggest style pet peeves. 

Kudos - Kudos to you for your honesty and ability to talk about the embarrassing issues that no one else will even think about discussing on television.  Thank you for the show you did about Americans with no insurance!  It was eye opening at its best.  Unemployed for 7 LONG months and one of the millions of Americans now without insurance, this show made me appreciate that nothing is seriously wrong with us and appreciate all that you did for your guests.  Thank you!  Now if you could just find a cure for diabetes then you would be our hero! 

Thank you for all that you do and if by chance you read this please don't invite me to the show to embarrass me!!  I will NOT enter the truth "tube"!  ha!  Remember my family and I still ♥ you!




  1. LOL...somedays i can not watch dr Oz some days i totally love him
    Glad your back!

  2. I was taping him every day too... but the little games and stuff bug me...

    I do still love him though... I just loved him more when he was on oprah...

    Great post!!!

    If you want to know how I lost 70 lbs, I have another blog at
    I usually HATE it when people post stuff like this on a comment... but this is faster to get a hold of you...

    Love ya!

  3. Ugh. Bed bugs. They bite :O) LOL I like Dr. Oz too but I have to admit that I usually watch while other things are happening so that I don't have to pay A LOT of attention to the things that gross me out!

  4. I think Dr. Oz is a little cheesy too. Sometimes I learn too much from him, but he does know his stuff. Glad that you're back Angela. Hope all is well :)

  5. I've never heard of or watched the show, but after reading the tape worms and bedbugs stuff, yuck! I think I'll pass. Lol.

  6. You came back and then you left us again :( I MISS YOU!! Oh, and ps. That Japanese commenter above me is pure pornographic spam. Each of those dots goes to a different porn site :@ Just wanted to let you know ♥


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