Sunday, November 25, 2007


For Elijah's Thanksgiving Feast at school I had to make 25 Indian hats aka strips of brown paper with colorful feathers stapled onto them. I am off on Fridays and had time to waste between taking different kids to different schools so I took the supplies with me over to my mom's to complete the task. My mom was helping me and after we were done I said wow I have a lot of stuff left. I then said we could make some for all the grandkids to wear on Thanksgiving. She said we ALL could wear them and take a family photo. So we did. My brother Curt and his family were going to spend Thanksgiving in Arkansas so I made them hats too, wrapped them up and told them it was a surprise with instructions inside. We all had fun and Curt's family took the idea and ran with it! I've included pictures to see our "family fun"!

Chief Many Feather

Two little indians

Princess Little Lisa

Bunch of lushes! (Really funny if you know them at all!)

Monika passed out!

Mikala sittin' pretty not indian style though! Kristin even wore hers to Wal-mart

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