Thursday, November 01, 2007


We have already been to a couple of Halloween party/events and tonight planned on stopping at a couple of church events so the fam could see the boys however Elijah just wanted to trick or treat in the neighborhood. I froze my butt off by the way and my toes since you all know I wore flip flops!! So I took Elijah trick or treating and left Isaiah at home with Martez to hand out candy. We went down our street first and only one house had candy so we went down the next street where only two houses had candy. Note to everyone: If you don't have candy or have plans to hand out candy then shut the door and turn off the porch light you idiots!!! We decided to go down another street which leads to the other side of the neighborhood and hit the candy jackpot and met a neighbor which I wish I never met. First of all I should tell you I am not very neighborly. I keep to myself - they stay out of my life and I will stay out of yours kind of thing. Too many people annoy me! Martez on the other hand would talk to a wall - he has to be one of the friendliest people I have ever met. Anyway me and the neighbor I will call the "witch" happened to be at the same house trick or treating. She says how old is your son? I say "five". She says "Wow he is certainly tall for his age!" I just laughed and said "no can't agree with you on that one both of my boys are small for their age". This should have let me know she wasn't all there in the head. So the witch, her husband Tony, and her kids Grace, 7, and George, 2 and 1/2 (who names there kid George nowadays anyway) follow me talking for two hours. She asked how old my other son was, if I was a stay at home mom, where Elijah went to school and the list of questions could go on and on and on. This is why I am not neighborly!! Then she says I live on 142nd and Elijah says so do we!!! Why me? Then she proceeds to ask me about everyone on the street. I only know one person Jim who is a paraplegic a couple of houses down that Martez helps when his home health care assistants don't show up to do their job. She says they just moved in and proceeds to tell me about every detail she knows. Then it happened - I hate people who just shoot idiotic racial statements out the side of their head just assuming because you are white that you agree with them. Hello you (!^!$)^!$%!_!!! Here it goes.....she tells me "when we first moved in the neighbor kids came over wanting to play with Gracie, they were half." My mind is saying "half what" but I knew she meant half white/half black but how can she just call them "half" and are her kids not allowed to play with "halves". She says this not actually thinking then says "well black whatever you call them". THEM!! She says this oblivious to the fact that my son is mulatto - half white/half black. Elijah is in full costume so she can't see him. My answer to this racist dumb comment was "they aren't called "half" the correct term is mulatto and my son is mulatto thank you!" This should of been hint 1 for her to stop talking to me. She said nothing as if she didn't even hear me then kept right on talking and following me. She starts to tell me about that same neighbor getting robbed the other day and then coming home while the robbers were inside which intrigued me enough to listen since our neighborhood is really really quiet. She tells me all about it then says "well her husband who I have never seen is black so it was probably an inside job! Because she had too vivid of a description of the robbers so they were probably his friends!!" HELLLLLOOOOOOO! You stupid bitch! I said "Well my husband is black and I would sure hope if we got robbed people like you wouldn't make the assumption that it was an inside job!! We haven't seen her husband or boyfriend or whatever he was for over a year so he probably doesn't even live there anymore but that was very nice of you to assume the worst!! Call me crazy but she probably had a vivid description of the robbers because she came home while they were inside robbing her house!" Hint 2 that I do not want to associate with her!! She is obviously racist although I am quite sure she would deny it. It flowed out of her mouth too easily for her not to be racist. I guess she assumed that because I was white I would just naturally agree with whatever she said. They followed me forever sending Grace up to houses with Elijah and saying "Elijah baby don't go to that house it is dark!" First of all don't call my child baby you mulatto hating prejudice witch and second of all don't tell my child what to do and what not to do. I have managed to take care of him his whole life I think I can manage on Halloween night. Every time I would think I was far enough ahead of her, she would call out my name then in a flash would be right by me! If I wasn't so cold, I would of taken a longer alternate route home so she wouldn't follow. I seriously still don't think she understood I didn't want to associate with her even after we were walking up to our house and she said "Elijah come play with Gracie sometime!" I actually thought I might take him down there without a mask to see the look on her face once she saw he was "half" since I don't think she heard a word I said but I wouldn't purposely put my son in a situation of being turned away merely because of his race and her stupidity!!! On a lighter note Elijah is too funny. He hates candy! Odd I know sometimes I wonder if he is mine! The ONLY "junk food" items he will touch are vanilla sandwich cookies, fruit snacks, marshmallows or barbecue chips and an occasional starburst other than that he just spits it out. Well he comes home with an overflowing pumpkin basket of candy and he even had some stuffed in his shirt. We walk in the house and he says "Daddy look at all my candy now lets give to all the trick-or-treaters!" I am willing to bet I am the only mom whose child wanted to give away ALL their candy tonight and as soon as we got home. We sorted through the candy and then gave it to the remaining trick-or-treaters. So basically I walked for two hours in the cold listening to a witch so my son could then come home and give away his candy!! I guess it doesn't matter since at least HE had a fun experience!!

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