Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I officially feel old! My oldest neice Mikala turns 21 on November 4th and she got engaged this past weekend. I never feel old until I think about her being a junior in college and now she is getting married?!?!?!? Granted my brothers and sister are much older than me and I was only ten when she was born but SHE makes me feel old. Mikala's fiance Josh planned a romantic proposal that just made me cry and wish I had a proposal like that. Mikala was coming home this past weekend for her family birthday party and when she arrived everyone had left the house and the only one there was Josh waiting for her in his bedroom. The house was dark with only candlelight and rose petals to guide her way up to the bedroom. He decorated the bedroom with rose petals all over the floor and candles everywhere in heart designs. Josh is a music major with plans to be a minister of music. He had written her a song which he then sang to her, then said his little speech, got down on one knee and proposed. How incredibly sweet is that? Of course she said yes who wouldn't after all of that!! Anyway they will be getting married on May 17 of next year which was a big shock to me. She is quitting school after this semester and moving home to work full time and plan the wedding. Although I am so excited that she will finally be home and I can help her, I wish she would finish college first. She plans to go back when he graduates in 2009. I don't plan on letting her know how much it really bothers me that she is quitting since it is mainly b/c of my own guilt for quitting and never going back. Even the best laid out plans don't always happen when life takes its little turns. It isn't even like a money making deal though in my case I think I just miss that sense of accomplishment. Ok enough about MY guilt over not finishing college and onto my niece. I won't stress her with my views since she is going to have to make her own decisions and she is an adult. When she called me to tell me the news, I was so moved by the proposal that I started to cry then I said "Ok but promise me two things - you won't have children for at least ten years because I can't be a great aunt in my thirties and when you do have children you have to live here so I can spoil them rotten!!" She said, "You are already a "great" aunt!" I said, "Yes but I don't want to be a "great" great aunt yet!" She then answered with "It will probably only be a couple of years!" I am excited for her just a little in shock. She still seems sooooo young to me but I guess she will always be my little girl! I was only ten when she was born and she was my little doll. Still to this day Mikala is the prettiest baby GIRL I have ever seen even right after her birth and she has grown to be a beautiful, determined, intelligent, mature young woman. I wish her all the best the world and her new life have to offer!

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