Friday, October 26, 2007


Sunday started off to be a good day but went downhill in a fury that made me do some thinking. We went to the aquarium for a birthday then went out to eat. Just when we got home began to relax Chaitra called but when I went to answer she hung up. Next thing I knew someone was knocking at the door and Martez, who was sleeping on the couch, said it was Chaitra and her mom walking in the house. Well all I hear is a girl who was not Chaitra's mom but Erin from down the street asking Martez if he has seen "two little black girls". By this I was thinking she wanted to beat someone up in her ghetto ways. However this was not the case in fact two little girls named Erica, who is 11, and Rosaia, who is 5, were missing. They only live about a block from my house and had been missing for about 6 hours and because of the whole "Broken Arrow Angel" issue there was a panic. Next I must tell you about my six degrees of separation marvel. Ever since I joined MySpace I am amazed at how true the theory actually is and how it pertains to people I know on myspace and in my overall life so I must tell you:

1) Martez has been friends with Tristan for years and now he lives down the street with Erin his girlfriend

2) Chaitra and I have been friends for about 10 years

3) Chaitra goes to Nursing school with Erin

4) Erin is friends with Andrea

5) Andrea is Rosaia's mother and Chaitra is Avani's mother

6) Avani and Rosaia went to daycare and preschool together for years
Odd I know....dodododododo........happy Halloween affect!

Rosaia was at Erica's grandma's house where Erica's grandma was SUPPOSED to babysit her. Erica's grandma left to go only God knows where telling the girls to stay inside the house. To her surprise the girls and the bikes were gone when she returned home. She wasn't really worried when she got home figuring they were just riding bikes just up and down the block since they never go far but when they didn't return for hours she started to worry and decided to call the police SIX HOURS LATER!!!!!!!! This is where we come in. We all hop in a car and go over to the house and ask the police what we can do to help. At five o'clock they tell us they are "working" on an Amber Alert, trying to get the news crews and police helicopters on the scene. They were asking people to comb the streets, knock on doors, drive around yelling out the girls' names and go into the woods. We got to go into the woods first- YIPPEE! Not too bad I am a country girl at heart and I can handle it!! We tell the Grandma we will be in the woods and to call Erin if she hears anything! The Grandma replies with "Thank you, I think I am starting to get worried!" Chaitra and I just looked at each other. We get into the car where I just flip out!! That bitch is crazy - you didn't lose your keys woman you managed to misplace two irreplaceable children"I THINK I AM STARTING TO GET WORRIED" AFTER TWO LITTLE GIRLS HAVE BEEN MISSING FOR SIX HOURS! You have got to be joking. If my five year old son Elijah was missing and not answering for even a couple minutes I would "start" to worry!! After ten minutes I would be like a chicken running around with my head cut off screaming for him to please stop playing and come out of hiding because mommy was scared. After twenty minutes I would be screaming his name everywhere, calling the police, running up and down the street or wherever and calling everyone I know to help me look --- ALL AT ONCE! (I am a great multitasker especially in a rush!) After six hours I wouldn't have any worries at all because I would be sedated in a mental hospital from a psychotic breakdown at just the mere thoughts that would takeover my mind about my baby boy or in a jail facility for killing the bitch who was supposed to watch my child and left him at home with an obviously irresponsible 11 year old. If Andrea wanted to let Erica watch Rosaia then she wouldn't have even asked the Grandma to watch her. That was obvious to me but obviously not the Grandma I guess she had more important things to do. Well we searched the woods and creeped ourselves out when we found pink clothes. We thought for sure the worst imaginable thing had happened so who did they send in to see what it was -me. I figured it was better off since I didn't actually know the girls maybe it would be better if I found a bad outcome rather than them. Turned out to be a pink blanket not clothes, a ratty old nasty pillow, blue battery-powered alarm clock, a ramen noodle package, 3 very old books and a pair of men's shoes that belonged to some homeless man living in the woods by my house. Nice to know! As I am telling Chai and Erin what I found they are just standing there crying at the mere idea of what we could have found so I tried to stay as positive as possible. Where exactly does a homeless man need to be that he has an alarm clock? We then found what appeared to be another small village of homeless people living in the woods. Clothes hanging all over trees, empty canned food items everywhere, burnt book pages for warmth and the list could go on and on. Guess whose children will never play in the woods - sorry Avani, Elijah, Isaiah, and little Tristan no wandering in the woods for you EVER!! Well we made it to the other end of the woods and after pulling wire out of my flip flop and tiny ticks off of our legs- YES MELANIE I was wearing flip flops in the woods I didn't think to change shoes or clothes in my mad dash to join the child search - we went back to the house to get an update. I kept saying are we sure they have called everyone and they kept telling me yes. When we get there more cops are searching the neighborhood and people were everywhere looking in yards, yelling and knocking on doors. Now to me some of this did not make sense and I just kept saying they had to be lost and at times Chai would agree with me and then just make up another scenario. Here was mine - They were fine but lost or afraid of getting in trouble so they didn't want to come home because if someone was going to kidnap a little girl I see a big problem with this particular chain of events. No one has seen the girls or the bikes. If someone is going to take both girls (which is highly unlikely), not be seen and get away fast why would he take the time to take the bikes. Just more evidence. Plus how would he keep both the girls in the car without hurting them and causing a scene in order to load the bikes. It just didn't make sense to me! If you were going to snatch a kid you only take one, the smallest no accessories and get outta dodge, right? We have all watched enough crime shows and that was the only funny part of all of this was each of us saying....."well on CSI"....."chances are if they aren't found in the first 24 hrs then it isn't a live outcome" - Without a Trace.....we went on and on. Once we realized we were doing it we laughed and thought we would make some pretty good detectives. When we returned back to the house Andrea was there and understandably an emotional wreck. She had been searching and calling everyone. There was a group of about 10 people just calling people which made me nervous. By this time all the close friends and family had been called so now they were just grasping at straws. At 6:30 pm the infrared police helicopters finally showed up and flew over the neighborhood. Here's the thing they only flew over our neighborhood. I would be raising hell. Why would the helicopter only fly over our neighborhood and still no breaking news or Amber Alerts? What's the point? I don't think people realize how many wooded areas are around us for miles even in neighborhoods. Well we drove around, yelled and walked for hours. Oh yeah forgot to tell you a funny part. We went down this old dirt road which was unnerving and got to a point where they were scared and wanted to turn around. I love scary stuff well except spiders! Anyway they said this looks like someplace a person could get killed my answer was exactly that is why we are out here!!! The fraidy cats decided to turn the car around. They said aren't you scared. My answer maybe a little anxious but a killer would have two big girls me and Chai so he would probably just take Erin. (Just so you know Chai and Erin are mulatto) Erin replies with hey don't you watch scary movies they always kill the black people first. My answer - hey Erin can I have your shoes please! She asked why and I said "Well I am going to make sure he knows you and Chai are half black and chances are he will take you first since you are a smaller easier grab so I will need your shoes to run faster since I won't be able to go as fast in flip flops!" Chaitra and I were cracking up then we were back in reality searching some more! We couldn't think of anything else to do and wanted to give up and go home since it was getting darker but then one of us would say what if it were our kids. At almost 9pm we took Erin home, went back over to Erica's grandmas house and it was packed with cars and there was finally a news truck. We wondered what channel it was so I was chosen yet again to walk up and look. I told her it was Channel 8 and asked a group of people nearby if there was any news on the girls. THEY FOUND THEM! I just started crying - the longer we searched the more my positive outlook downgraded to a grave possibility. I was so happy! When I asked if they were okay the guy I was talking to said a bunch of crap that made ABSOLUTELY NO sense!!!! He said they went with some girl they ride bikes with to 51st and Harvard. I said so where are their bikes he said "they rode them and I'm not going to be covering for nobody there are cops everywhere". I don't think he spoke one complete sentence or idea he just kept hopping around like a frog on hot cement!! Gee I think he may have known more than he was telling because I did not ask him if he was going to cover for anyone! I went home and waited for the news to see what they would say. Here is the Channel 8 story: "Tulsa Police searched for two missing Tulsa girls for hours this evening. The girls were finally found at a family friend's house and told to ride their bikes home. No charges have been filed in this case." WHAT THE HELL!!!! That is soooooo far from the truth! Here is the supposed story from later on that evening. Someone called the police saying they had the girls at 51st and Yale supposedly riding their bikes. They had "gone to LaFortune Park to watch some game"! All I can say is I hope Andrea somehow got the truth later because I know for a fact my five year old son cannot ride his bike 10 miles. Crap he can barely ride to the park in our neighborhood without complaining and she is a lot smaller than him!!! Why would they need to go to La Fortune when we have a park in the neighborhood? And how the hell did the 11 year old know how to get to La Fortune from this neighborhood. I know kids now how to get to places or where things are but generally they are places they go daily, family or friends houses and generally you are already near there. Elijah is able to tell me where lots of stuff is if we are in the general vicinity but not 10 miles away and he has been doing that for years. Granted he could probably drive to my mom's but I just don't see it especially on a bike and she is only about 7 miles from here. They were not at a family friends house and what kind of friend would tell them to ride home at 9pm for 10 miles. Plus if it was a family friend I am quite sure they would've called them or been called after almost 10 hours. People were on the phones non stop and I am quite sure the people who you allow to pick up your children would be the first ones called!!!! Someone had them that wasn't supposed to and they were trying to cover their butt. The news said they rode their bikes home which they didn't the police had to pick them up to question them and they still didn't get home until almost 11pm. VERY VERY LONG STORY SHORT this was one of those nights that make you truly appreciate your children and your friends and thank God that nothing disastrous has happened to them. I do not know how I would live knowing my child was just missing and if anything happened I just................well I am crying now so I am going to stop!! I will let you all know when I finally hear what truly happened to these two girls!!

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