Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Elijah's first season of football is officially over!! He did so good and I am so proud of him! He "averaged" about three or four touchdowns per game but it was just 5 year old flag football we will see how he does next year in tackle. He wants to do tackle now saying he wants to "throw the ball and wear those big things on my shoulders and a helmet". I think that is too funny and have a feeling he won't quite be as excited next year when his little self gets clobbered for the first time! We'll see! We are letting him TRY all the sports he wants right now until he lets us know which sports he would like to keep playing. We are not pushing him into anything like so many parents do however I really hate baseball so I am just praying he doesn't want to play! I don't know if I could watch baseball and pretend to be excited even though I know it is "more exciting" if your own kid is playing! So far he has done basketball, soccer and football but he also wants to try karate and golf (I think golf is the most boring game ever followed closely by baseball!). For now we are back to basketball - yippee! I like and understand basketball so much more! He has to play Upwards one more year since city ball doesn't start until first grade so we are thinking about coaching an upwards basketball team this year! That could be an adventure! I realize this is probably boring for many of you just blogging while I am supposed to be working - ssshhhhhhh! I just have so much to do and don't want to do a thing here anymore!!!!!

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