Thursday, December 13, 2007


MY POWER IS ON AND I LOVE ELECTRICITY AND THE HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE WORKING SO IT IS NOW BACK ON!!!!!!! Power has officially been restored to my home and I couldn't be happier!!! I never appreciated electricity like I do now! I guess I never realized how much of our world is run by electricity. I also thought that we would still have heat since our gas was on but I obviously forgot that the blower needs electricity. Our house was freezing almost below 50 which on a fall day 50 doesn't seem so bad but when your house is fifty degrees and the wood floors give you goosebumps you begin to appreciate 60s and 70s a whole lot more!! Along with no heat there were no lights, no refrigerator, no TV, no heat or light for Elijah's lizard, no computer, no microwave, no stove or oven, no Wal-mart, no Quik Trip, no McDonalds, no cool mist humidifiers (Elijah was sick!), NO MYSPACE (NO I am not addicted! lol), no blow dryer, no CHI straightener, no plug in air fresheners for the home and the list could go and on and on forever. But I must say I appreciate it more now and am totally taking advantage of it! Sad but true I have almost every light on in my house but for tonight I DON'T CARE! It totally sucked! Elijah got croup and I could not find a doctor or minor emergency clinic open until yesterday so he just had to suffer for three days in our cold house, poor thing! I called the ER but they said it was at least a 10 hour wait IF no major emergencies came in first. Well I decided not take him to the ER to suffer for 10 hours and catch only God knows what from all the other sickos! Isaiah is sick too however all the doctor seems to tell me is he has a virus. We were running out of firewood and would not have had enough to make it through tonight if our power was out again. We were only out about 2 days but I suffered enough and have all the compassion in the world for those Oklahomans still without electricity. It was such a shock and I was brought to tears I don't know how many times just thinking how long this could last and the devastation to sooooooooooooo many trees and lives in our area. It is weird to not be able to go to the closest gas station to get gas because they are either closed or out of gas! We take for granted being able to run to Wal-mart or Quik Trip at the drop of a hat for whatever we want and don't think twice until that ability is lost. We take for granted just putting wood to burn a fire just because until we have no more wood to burn and it is the only source of heat for our family. We take for granted lights to do everything until we walk into every room flipping light switches out of habit then feel stupid afterwards since we know the power is out! We don't realize we don't have flashlights or candles until it is the only source of light in which to read children's book to our cabin fever kids and get nothing accomplished but a headache from eyestrain and by then more candles are impossible to find. I love stoplights by the way and didn't realize it until today it took me 55 minutes to go 4.5 miles because all the lights were out and the idiots drivers can't comprehend when it is there turn at a 4 way stop! Man that seriously sucked and my road rage was almost off the charts! I never appreciated my job until I have been unable to escape my children long enough to earn money to buy them food. (My job still is without power by the way and as of today we were told by PSO it will probably not be on until Tuesday!) I have a whole new respect for electricity and the people who work for us to have that luxury! I also now realize why people went to bed so early in the olden days......there was no TV, no computer, and no light to read in besides the fact they were bored out of there minds and they needed to escape the nagging children. Oh I have to tell you all this......Elijah is 5 and Isaiah is 2 and they are hard to entertain for days in the cold dark house!! I read countless children's books by candlelight, played with every toy they own, sang every song we know, named every word we know that began with certain letters, played memory, Candyland, Checkers (hehe), Leapster games and tried to teach Isaiah how to play Connect Four BUT HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN ELECTRICITY TO A 2YR OLD AND A 5YR OLD? Elijah kept saying: lets go to Meme's - no electricity, lets go to Wal-mart - no electricity, lets go to Aunt Karen's - no electricity, lets go to Toys R Us - no electricity and the list goes on and on. Finally when Isaiah would ask me to turn on the lights I would say they were broke and then he would reply with "Need baaaaweees". When he wanted to watch Elmo on the "BV", I would say it's broke and he would reply "Need baaaaweees"! Then he wanted to go the the store to buy "baaaaaweees" because our house was "bwoke"! I was so wishing buying batteries would've fixed the problem! If only that would've worked baby then momma would've gladly bought them......if the store was open!!

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